Shanghai QEV New Energy Automobile Company will set up two delivery centers and an import and export center in China. The Shanghai headquarters will serve as a sales and management center, while developing its own technology and external technology research and development. In the future, we hope to fully develop the advantages of QEVauto integrating European technology and brand, as well as China's supply chain and supporting facilities, and promote Chinese-made cars to the global market.


On the basis of the global market layout, QEVauto hopes to build a MaaS (Mobility as a Service) one-stop on-demand seamlessly connected mobile travel platform. Based on the existing models in China and abroad, it will be closer to the perspective of city managers and integrate specific Public and shared transportation resources in the region, through fleet management and electric vehicle ownership transfer, create data payment, and build a one-stop travel integrated service ecosystem.


With the addition of QEV Tech join to Shanghai QEV New Energy Automobile Company, QEV Tech, which has many racing competitions and racing manufacturing experience, will also bring the right to operate world-class racing teams to China. After that, Shanghai QEV New Energy Automobile Company not only owns the right to develop the racing car, the right to operate the team, and even the right to operate the race. Hope to bring more exciting events to domestic fans who like motorsports.

随着QEV Tech加入倢冠汽车,拥有多次赛车比赛及赛车制造经验的QEV Tech也将将世界级赛事车队运营权带入中国。之后的倢冠新能源汽车不仅拥有赛车的开发权、车队的运营权、甚至拥有赛事的运营权利。希望给国内喜欢赛车运动的爱好者们带来更加值得期待的赛事活动。